The Importance of Bee-ing Earnest

This may sting a little, but bees – along with other animals like bats, butterflies and hummingbirds – are essential to the survival of our ecosystem. The importance of bees stems from pollination, which is a key part of the ecosystem. Without it, our ecosystems can’t be maintained or grow.

However, the extinction rate of bees is 100 to 1,000 times higher than normal because of the impacts of human society. That’s why the Wild Health Co are supporting World Bee Day on 20th May, 2021 – and we think you should too! Here’s how and why.

Bees love plants!

Whether you have a garden, a balcony, or a big window (or window sill) then you have the opportunity to give the bees what they need – plants. Making sure that they have a variety of plant life that bloom at various times of the year will make sure that they are busy little bees.

In fact, the importance of bees and pollination is more than just pretty plants to look at. It ensures that over three quarters of the plants we need for food can grow – plants that produce up to 90% of the world’s food, too. Furthermore, several health and wellbeing products require plant-based ingredients, such as the hemp in our CBD teas, flapjacks and oil. So, if you want to feel good, supporting World Bee Day isn’t the worst idea.

Farming for the bees

The number of crops that require pollination has tripled over the past 50 years. So, if you want the same standard of food as before, then the bees have to do their thing. That can only really happen if they’re around to do it, right?

However, not only is this the case, but it supports smaller farmers both at home and around the world by ensuring they get a stable income from their crops. It is estimated that crops that require pollination produced between $235-577 billion in 2016 – that’s a hefty price tag!

That is why buying products from brands that use or support sustainable farming practices – like the Wild Health Co – is so important. Furthermore, avoiding pesticides on farms (and in your gardens) will make sure that you’re not killing them accidentally. Keep the biodiversity going!

Bees are environmental protectors

It is said that bees are a sign of a healthy ecosystem. This is because they help to protect other animal species, rejuvenate plant life, and assist humans in measuring the health of the environment.

Depending on the number and the health of bees, organisations can make better decisions on what needs to be done to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Having more bees in your area can help the local authorities determine the health of your local environment too.

What’s next?

It is for these reasons that the Wild Health Co aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The importance of saving bees is significant and the full list of reasons why bees are important is endless. Buying products that are environmentally friendly and recyclable will help to give back to the environment they need to thrive, but it doesn’t stop there.

Making sure you plant those plants is great, but it is also a great idea to support the beekeeping industry too. You can sponsor a beehive, for example, or buy honey from a local store nearby a beehive farm. Making sure they are financially supported means that they can do more.

However, if you’re strapped for cash as many people are currently, there are also little things that can help, like creating a bee bath by sticking a bowl of water outside for them.

So, for this World Bee Day don’t hold back – get outside, plant more, and support your local bee community!

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