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You probably take good care of yourself most of the time, but frequently find yourself low on energy. You may enjoy our rich & full-bodied hemp coffee, made with hand-roasted coffee beans and blended with our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.



Our coffee has just two ingredients – coffee and hemp! There’s no additives or any synthetic ingredients here. The coffee is a full-bodied blend of Brazilian Santos, Colombian Arabica & Vietnamese Robusta, and has a smooth, balanced flavour with hints of dark chocolate. I know we are biased, but this is honestly the best coffee we have ever tasted. This mouthwatering coffee is blended with pure organic broad-spectrum hemp, grown especially for its high CBD content, and delivers up to 3mg of CBD per cup. Enjoy the calm alertness that comes with our CBD coffee to power through a busy day at work, have a dance-off with your friends, learn to tightrope walk, or whatever floats your boat!

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